Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Bikes

For years growing up I would pass this place on family vacations out to Payson or Pinetop and I always told myself that I would stop there when I grew old enough. I finally made it around to making the journey about two years ago. Its pretty much a straight shot up the 87 but its a fun ass ride. Wide open and turns for days.

This place definitely has some crazy treasures if your down to pay the asking price. Everything on this guys yard is worth its weight in gold, at least in his opinion. Be prepared to be chaperoned by a local cause they trust NO ONE. Bottom line, there is some cool as shit so take an hour and cruise around. If anything, its worth it for the ride in itself.

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  1. I always seem to go by when it's closed.. argh! Someday I'll make it when it's open. Lots of neat stuff to gawk at.

  2. Drove by on my way into town when I moved here. Thanks for posting.